Chorley Healey Scout Troop Code of Conduct.

Listen when things are being explained by Leaders, Patrol Leaders, or other Scouts.

Arrive in the correct uniform or clothing for the meeting /activity.

Contribute to activities to the best of your ability.

Help others to contribute fully.

Be kind to everyone.

Behave and act sensibly, setting an example of good behaviour.

Respect and treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Respect you’re own and other peoples property.

Do not bully, particularly avoid swearing and name - calling.

Attend meetings, activities and events regularly and punctually.

Join in activities and work as a team.

No one makes a sound in quiet times such as prayer, fall-in or while games and activities are
being explained.

No Cheating – Play fairly and include everyone.

Give your best effort in all you do.

Be adventurous/experimental try new activities and experiences.

Respect all Scouting ceremonies.

Enjoy Scouting and have fun!