Chorley Healey Scouts
Hike Equipment List
Walking boots 
Waterproof clothing
Rucksack + Liner (bin bag will do)
Food and Drink (enough for the day)
Walking trousers or
Shorts or Tracksuit bottoms (NO JEANS)
Hat & Gloves
Map & Compass in map case
Mobile Phone (Charged)
Emergency Rations
*Torch & Spare batteries
*Toilet Paper (in plastic bag)
Spare clothing
Sun cream
*Survival bag (Bivvi Bag)
*First aid kit
Although not essential it is good practice to carry recommended items in your rucksack. These items will be essential if you decided to take part in hiking competitions. If you have a Hiking rucksack, items marked * could be left in there permanently, then you would never forget them.